ISMG’s Global Buyer Intent Platform

Navigate the Cybersecurity Market With Unmatched Precision

Athena transforms your ABM strategy with real-time, contact-level intent and leads, exclusively from our proprietary cybersecurity network. Discover actionable insights that empower sales and marketing teams to target with unprecedented accuracy.

Why Use Athena
The all-in-one ABM solution seamlessly orchestrates buyer identification, awareness generation, and lead generation with precision and ease.
Buyer-Intent Platform
Ease of Use/Seamless Connectivity
  • Navigate Athena’s powerful features with ease, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive design.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing and sales tools, enhancing your workflow and data synergy.
Athena Intent
Athena Intent
Athena aggregates millions of first-party signals, combined with third-party data, to surface contact and account purchase intent. Accurate intent segmentation drives platform engagements and delivers easy-to-use insights, including who to target, when to engage, and what to communicate.
  • Based on Proprietary First-Party Content
  • On- and Offline Activities
Account-Based Advertising
Account-Based Advertising
An intent-based, orchestrated, integrated campaign for targeted awareness, engagement and sales leads.
  • Account-Based Display
  • Organic and Paid Social
  • ISMG Syndication
Co-Branded Content
Co-Branded Content
ISMG editorial team will create custom impact content, messaging and advertising to highlight your solutions and align with ISMG editorial.
  • Creative Ad Production
  • Videocast / Webinars
  • Hosted Content Hub
Target Account Leads
Target Account Leads
Athena identifies contacts researching specific product categories. Once a lead is revealed, engage them with assets that address their needs. Leads are from multiple sources:
  • ISMG Syndication
  • Athena On-Demand Intent
  • Traffic to Content Hub (Organic/Display)
Athena Tackles Your Biggest ABM Challenge
Providing actionable, contact-level intelligence for marketing and sales.

Athena's compelling combination of proprietary publisher signals, laser-focused keyword capture, and the unrivalled power to decipher behavioral intent at the contact and buying group level is tailored to meet your biggest ABM challenge.

Athena aggregates millions of proprietary first-party audience engagements to produce contact-level buyer intent and key insights that arm marketers and sellers with who to target, what to communicate, and how to optimize messaging.

For Sales
Leverage Athena to Maximize Your Limited Time With Prospects
  • Create a daily outreach roster of in-market contacts
  • Tailor follow-up based on the prospect’s content engagement
For Marketing
Develop Targeted Account Lists to Optimize Inbound Marketing and ROAS
  • Import contacts who engage with your product categories, content and competitors
  • Utilize personalization tools for content alignment with the prospect interest
More Intent Signals, More Intelligence
Our custom-built algorithm observes and measures proprietary on- and offline activities across ISMG’s global cybersecurity network, including media properties, executive events, CISO network and paid education.
Opt-In ISMG Community
1.2M IT/cybersecurity contacts, worldwide
ISMG Digital Publisher Network
37 cybersecurity sites with 250K daily digital interactions
In-Person Summit
27K attendees
In-Person Executive Roundtable
3,000 attendees
CISO Executive Networking
2,000 CISO members
Corporate Paid Education
2,500 members
Powering Your Growth With Advanced Market Intelligence
Comprehensive Tracking and Analysis
Complete signal visibility across ISMG’s news, education, networking and information network. Detailed intent scoring is derived from thousands of cybersecurity-specific product categories
Navigate the Path From Interest to Buyer
Identify early indicators that suggest potential interest in a specific cybersecurity product category
Access Real-Time Behavioral Intelligence
Proprietary first-party intent data drives account, contact targeting, engagement account and contact scoring (for orchestration in-platform and integration with client map)
Simplify Revenue-Related Tasks
Custom-built, easy-to-use dashboard designed to streamline revenue operation. Account-based display ads point traffic to ISMG content hub